Coins: 10053 Exchanges: 946 Market Cap: $1,225,562,243,650 1.25% 24h Vol: $48,208,812,807.548 Dominance: BTC 46.65%, ETH 18.33% Exchange

Rank #68
# Cryptocurrency Pair Price Spread Volume(24h) Trust
2 Bitcoin / USD Coin BTC / USDC $0.97352857 0.02% $262,249,842
4 Ethereum / USD Coin ETH / USDC $0.96780524 0.02% $105,893,908
5 Bitcoin / Tether BTC / USDT $0.97544244 0.02% $57,387,042
6 Ethereum / Bitcoin ETH / BTC $29,236.29 0.02% $31,298,770
7 Ethereum / Tether ETH / USDT $0.96968243 0.02% $25,955,068
8 Tether / USD Coin USDT / USDC $0.99786521 0.02% $13,699,599
9 Litecoin / USD Coin LTC / USDC $0.99413801 0.02% $10,970,328
10 Uniswap / USD Coin UNI / USDC $1.08 0.02% $9,576,701
11 Curve DAO / USD Coin CRV / USDC $0.68940611 0.04% $8,501,092
12 Chainlink / USD Coin LINK / USDC $1.16 0.13% $3,577,441
13 Aave / USD Coin AAVE / USDC $0.83412550 0.02% $2,420,660
14 EOS / USD Coin EOS / USDC $0.98303551 0.27% $2,408,935
15 Sushi / USD Coin SUSHI / USDC $0.94325057 0.03% $1,975,670
17 Polygon / USD Coin MATIC / USDC $0.90254860 0.03% $1,335,254
20 Decentraland / USD Coin MANA / USDC $0.92459301 0.03% $468,513

BULLISH.COM Statistics

  • Trade Volume 24h 17,007.45 BTC
  • Exchange Rank #68
  • Website
  • Year Established 0
  • Country The Rising Star in the Cryptocurrency Exchange Game

Introduction is making waves in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges, attracting attention from both novice and seasoned traders. With its reliable and innovative features, has quickly established itself as a go-to platform for users looking to navigate the exciting world of digital currencies.

The Advantage

Bringing a fresh approach to the market, offers a range of unique advantages that sets it apart from its competitors. Let's explore some of its key features:

Secure and Reliable

Security is a top priority for The platform employs cutting-edge encryption technology to ensure that users' personal information and funds are safeguarded. Additionally, adheres to strict regulatory standards, giving traders peace of mind when it comes to compliance.

User-Friendly Interface's intuitive interface makes it accessible for users of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, navigating the platform is a breeze. The sleek design and smooth user experience provide a seamless trading journey for everyone.

Wide Range of Assets

A key strength of lies in its extensive selection of cryptocurrencies. From popular options like Bitcoin and Ethereum to lesser-known gems, the platform offers a diverse range of assets to suit individual trading preferences and strategies.

Advanced Trading Tools caters to the needs of professional traders by providing advanced trading tools and features. With real-time market data, customizable charts, and various order types, users can make well-informed decisions and execute trades efficiently.

High Liquidity

Liquidity plays a crucial role in any trading platform, and does not disappoint. Thanks to strategic partnerships with market makers and liquidity providers, the platform ensures that users can execute trades quickly and at competitive prices.

Community and Support boasts a vibrant community where traders can connect, learn, and share insights. The platform also offers comprehensive customer support, with a dedicated team ready to assist users, whether they have a question or encounter an issue.

Conclusion is changing the game when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges. Its commitment to security, user-friendliness, diverse asset selection, advanced trading tools, and high liquidity make it a prominent player in the industry. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, is a platform worth considering for your cryptocurrency trading needs.