Coins: 10053 Exchanges: 946 Market Cap: $1,225,562,243,650 1.25% 24h Vol: $48,208,812,807.548 Dominance: BTC 46.65%, ETH 18.33%
EQIFi price

EQIFi Price (EQX)


Rank #1133

EQIFi Price Chart (EQX/USD)

Last updated 22 Jun 2022, 09:10AM UTC. Currency in USD.

# Exchange Pair Price Spread Volume(24h) Trust
1 KuCoin EQX / USDT $0.00718941 1.24% $51,495
2 LATOKEN EQX / USDT $0.00785811 0.15% $36,243
3 EQX / USDT $0.00712875 0.28% $9,262
4 CoinEx EQX / USDT $0.00706993 1.07% $7,522
5 XT.COM EQX / USDT $0.01303299 2.68% $64,632
6 Bilaxy EQX / ETH $0.00688018 1.52% $13,292
7 XT.COM EQX / BTC $0.01339382 1.97% $10,013
8 EQX / USDT $0.00552228 1.20% $873
9 KuCoin EQX / BTC $0.01431751 0.85% $533
10 Bittrex EQX / USDT $0.00497810 1.01% $365
11 HitBTC EQX / USDT $0.01418888 1.24% $8
12 Changelly PRO EQX / USDT $0.01340007 1.36% $200
13 EQX / BTC $0.00812411 3.26% $39
14 Bittrex EQX / BTC $0.00499598 5.88% $8
15 HitBTC EQX / BTC $0.01426573 2.24% $5
16 BKEX EQX / USDT $0.01714588 99.90% $4
17 Bittrex EQX / ETH $0.00493283 4.14% $10
18 Changelly PRO EQX / BTC $0.01340542 2.26% $7

EQX Price Statistics

24H Range
  • EQIFi Price Now $0
  • 24h Low / 24h High $0 / $0
  • Trading Volume $288,384
  • Market Cap Rank #1129
  • Market Cap $4,303,335
  • Volume / Market Cap 0.0670
  • All-Time High $1 -97.28%
    Sep 02, 2021
  • All-Time Low $0 13.50%
    Jun 18, 2022

EQIFi Cryptocurrency: Revolutionizing the Financial Industry


EQIFi cryptocurrency is on the rise, captivating tech enthusiasts and investors alike. This groundbreaking digital currency has the potential to revolutionize the financial industry. With its innovative features, EQIFi aims to address the limitations of traditional financial systems and enhance the way transactions are conducted globally. This article explores the key aspects of EQIFi cryptocurrency and its significance in the ever-evolving world of finance.

The Basics of EQIFi

EQIFi is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on blockchain technology. It functions independently, eliminating intermediaries like banks and financial institutions. This digital currency operates on a peer-to-peer network, allowing users to transact directly without the need for third-party involvement.

Features and Benefits

1. Security: EQIFi utilizes advanced cryptographic techniques to secure transactions, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of user data. Blockchain technology, which underpins EQIFi, provides an immutable and transparent record of all transactions, making it virtually impossible for malicious actors to manipulate or counterfeit data.
2. Transparency: All EQIFi transactions are recorded and stored on a public ledger, accessible to all participants on the network. This instills trust and transparency within the ecosystem, as users can verify and audit transactions in real-time.
3. Speed and Efficiency: By eliminating intermediaries, EQIFi facilitates faster transactions compared to traditional financial systems. The absence of bureaucratic processes and geographic limitations enables near-instantaneous cross-border transactions, making EQIFi a favorable option for global commerce.
4. Financial Inclusion: EQIFi aims to provide financial services to the unbanked population worldwide. With traditional financial systems being inaccessible to many individuals due to various reasons, EQIFi opens the doors to financial inclusion, allowing anyone with internet access to participate in the global economy.
5. Decentralization: EQIFi operates on a decentralized network, meaning that no single entity has control over the currency. This ensures that power is distributed among participants, fostering democracy, and reducing the risk of manipulation or censorship.

Potential Applications

EQIFi has the potential to revolutionize several sectors and industries, including:
- Banking and financial services: EQIFi can enhance traditional banking systems by making transactions faster, more secure, and affordable.
- Supply chain and logistics: EQIFi's transparent and immutable ledger can help streamline supply chain processes, making them more efficient and traceable.
- Remittances: EQIFi enables quick and low-cost cross-border transactions, revolutionizing the remittance industry and benefiting individuals who rely on sending money internationally.
- Microlending: EQIFi can provide individuals and small businesses with access to capital through peer-to-peer lending, without the need for traditional intermediaries.

The Future of EQIFi

With its innovative features and potential applications, EQIFi cryptocurrency is poised to disrupt the financial industry. As more individuals and organizations recognize the benefits of decentralized currencies, the adoption of EQIFi is likely to increase. This could lead to a more inclusive, efficient, and transparent global financial system, empowering individuals and revolutionizing how transactions are conducted.
In conclusion, EQIFi cryptocurrency introduces a new era of financial technology. Its secure and transparent nature, coupled with fast transactions and global accessibility, make it a promising currency for the future. As EQIFi continues to evolve and gain traction, it may pave the way for a more inclusive and robust financial ecosystem.