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Tidal Finance price

Tidal Finance Price (TIDAL)


Rank #1479

Tidal Finance Price Chart (TIDAL/USD)

Last updated 22 Jun 2022, 09:10AM UTC. Currency in USD.

# Exchange Pair Price Spread Volume(24h) Trust
1 KuCoin TIDAL / USDT $0.00034028 0.61% $98,019
2 MEXC Global TIDAL / USDT $0.00032520 0.73% $42,188
3 TIDAL / USDT $0.00031992 0.84% $20,938
4 LATOKEN TIDAL / USDT $0.00018287 0.20% $25,833
5 TIDAL / ETH $0.00031473 2.90% $18,379
6 Bilaxy TIDAL / USDC $0.00030816 1.48% $10,605
7 TIDAL / USDT $0.00034516 4.51% $149,046

TIDAL Price Statistics

24H Range
  • Tidal Finance Price Now $0
  • 24h Low / 24h High $0 / $0
  • Trading Volume $101,799
  • Market Cap Rank #1475
  • Market Cap $2,162,932
  • Volume / Market Cap 0.0471
  • All-Time High $0 -99.34%
    Mar 25, 2021
  • All-Time Low $0 10,000,000.00%
    Jul 02, 2021

Tidal Finance: Revolutionizing the Cryptocurrency Landscape


Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the financial industry, offering decentralized and secure alternatives to traditional monetary systems. Among the many cryptocurrencies available in the market today, Tidal Finance stands out as an innovative platform that aims to revolutionize the way investors manage risks in the cryptocurrency space. In this article, we will delve into what Tidal Finance is all about and the potential it holds for the future of decentralized finance (DeFi).

What is Tidal Finance?

Tidal Finance is a multi-chain decentralized insurance platform that offers users unprecedented protection against smart contract hacks and other risks associated with the DeFi industry. The platform utilizes the concept of a risk pool, where users can contribute funds to collectively insure their investments. Tidal Finance has partnered with major DeFi protocols such as Aave, Compound, and MakerDAO to offer insurance coverage for a wide range of assets and transactions.

How Does Tidal Finance Work?

Tidal Finance operates on various blockchain networks, allowing users to harness the benefits of multiple ecosystems. Users can select a specific risk pool depending on their investment preferences and contribute to it to become an underwriter. As an underwriter, users earn insurance premiums in return for providing coverage to other investors. In the event of a claim, the risk pool pays out from the collected premiums, ensuring a fair distribution of funds.

Benefits of Tidal Finance

Tidal Finance provides several advantages that make it an appealing platform for DeFi investors. Firstly, the platform offers coverage for a wide array of digital assets, shielding users from potential losses due to hacks, smart contract failures, or other unforeseen events. Additionally, Tidal Finance is blockchain-agnostic, meaning it can seamlessly integrate with multiple blockchain networks, offering users the flexibility to choose their preferred ecosystem.Furthermore, Tidal Finance promotes decentralization by allowing anyone to become an underwriter. This democratizes the insurance market, making it more inclusive and eliminating the need for traditional insurance intermediaries. Tidal Finance also employs a risk-based pricing mechanism to ensure fair premiums and efficient allocation of funds within the risk pools.

The Future of Tidal Finance

As the DeFi industry continues to grow, the need for reliable insurance solutions becomes increasingly crucial. Tidal Finance aims to become the go-to insurance platform for DeFi investors, expanding its partnerships and further enhancing its risk pools' capabilities. The platform also plans to introduce more complex insurance products, such as coverage for flash loan attacks and liquidity provider risks, providing comprehensive protection for users.In conclusion, Tidal Finance is set to revolutionize the cryptocurrency landscape by offering a decentralized insurance platform that ensures investors' protection in the fast-growing DeFi industry. With its innovative approach and strategic partnerships, Tidal Finance has the potential to disrupt the traditional insurance market and create a safer environment for cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world.