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Ampleforth price

Ampleforth Price (AMPL)


Rank #476

Ampleforth Price Chart (AMPL/USD)

Last updated 29 Mar 2023, 09:59AM UTC. Currency in USD.

# Exchange Pair Price Spread Volume(24h) Trust
1 FTX AMPL / USD $1.02 0.22% $128,321
2 Bitget AMPL / USDT $1.12 0.31% $66,613
3 MEXC Global AMPL / USDT $0.99113700 2.52% $46,039
4 MEXC Global AMPL / ETH $1.38 0.96% $31,144
5 FTX AMPL / USDT $1.05 0.75% $30,242
6 AMPL / USDT $1.42 2.61% $11,089
7 KuCoin AMPL / BTC $1.38 0.76% $6,236
8 KuCoin AMPL / USDT $1.04 0.32% $5,241
9 XT.COM AMPL / USDT $1.14 2.21% $3,005
10 KuCoin AMPL / ETH $1.37 0.39% $2,743
11 LATOKEN AMPL / USDT $1.05 0.50% $18,348

AMPL Price Statistics

24H Range
  • Ampleforth Price Now $1
  • 24h Low / 24h High $1 / $1
  • Trading Volume $433,276
  • Market Cap Rank #500
  • Market Cap $41,624,346
  • Volume / Market Cap 0.0104
  • All-Time High $4 -71.87%
    Jul 12, 2020
  • All-Time Low $0 633.93%
    Nov 01, 2019

Ampleforth Cryptocurrency


Ampleforth is a unique cryptocurrency that aims to solve the drawbacks associated with traditional fiat currencies. It operates on a different monetary policy, making it an interesting option for investors and users alike.

What is Ampleforth?

Ampleforth is a digital currency that falls under the category of stablecoins. Unlike other stablecoins, however, its stability is not achieved by pegging it to a specific asset or fiat currency.

How does it work?

Ampleforth operates on a principle called "elastic finance," which aims to create a stable store of value by adjusting supply based on market demand. It achieves this by utilizing a unique algorithmic monetary policy.When the price of Ampleforth rises, the protocol increases the supply of tokens held by users. Conversely, if the price decreases, the protocol reduces the supply. This mechanism ensures that the value of Ampleforth remains stable, regardless of market fluctuations.

Benefits of Ampleforth

Ampleforth offers several advantages, including:1. Stability: The protocol's algorithmic design ensures that Ampleforth maintains its stability, making it an attractive option for those looking for a reliable cryptocurrency.2. Decentralization: Ampleforth operates on a decentralized network, ensuring that no single entity has control over its supply or value.3. Diversification: Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, Ampleforth's unique monetary policy allows it to behave differently, making it an excellent addition to diversify one's investment portfolio.4. Inflation Protection: Ampleforth adjusts its supply based on demand, meaning that it can act as a hedge against inflation.

Use Cases

Ampleforth's stability makes it suitable for various use cases, including:1. Payments: Due to its stability, Ampleforth can be used as a medium of exchange, similar to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.2. Store of Value: Investors looking for a stable asset to store their wealth can consider Ampleforth as an alternative to traditional fiat currencies.3. Remittances: Ampleforth's decentralized and borderless nature makes it ideal for international remittances, offering faster and cheaper transactions compared to traditional methods.


Ampleforth cryptocurrency presents an innovative approach to achieving stability without relying on conventional pegging mechanisms. With its algorithmic design and unique monetary policy, Ampleforth opens up new possibilities in the world of digital currencies. Whether you are an investor, user, or someone looking for a reliable medium of exchange, Ampleforth is definitely worth exploring.