Coins: 10053 Exchanges: 946 Market Cap: $1,225,562,243,650 1.25% 24h Vol: $48,208,812,807.548 Dominance: BTC 46.65%, ETH 18.33%
Elastos price

Elastos Price (ELA)


Rank #485

Elastos Price Chart (ELA/USD)

Last updated 20 Jun 2023, 13:58PM UTC. Currency in USD.

# Exchange Pair Price Spread Volume(24h) Trust
1 Huobi Global ELA / USDT $1.19 0.59% $136,653
2 ELA / USDT $0.84135000 0.13% $44,805
3 KuCoin ELA / USDT $1.27 0.02% $36,151
4 CoinEx ELA / BTC $0.80653800 2.01% $8,701
5 CoinEx ELA / USDT $1.18 0.78% $8,037
6 KuCoin ELA / BTC $0.80101900 0.94% $4,089
7 KuCoin ELA / ETH $0.80954300 1.06% $3,179
8 Coinbase Exchange ELA / USD $1.29 0.46% $2,455
9 Huobi Global ELA / BTC $0.80226700 3.90% $1,037
10 Coinbase Exchange ELA / USDT $1.16 0.68% $1,020
11 Bittrex ELA / USDT $1.47 0.47% $94
12 ProBit Global ELA / USDT $0.91131100 2.32% $14
13 AEX ELA / USDT $2.00 1.45% $99,850
14 Huobi Global ELA / ETH $1.67 39.18% $2,150
15 Huobi Global ELA / HUSD $2.50 99.92% $5,663
16 Bittrex ELA / BTC $1.28 8.55% $7

ELA Price Statistics

24H Range
  • Elastos Price Now $2
  • 24h Low / 24h High $1 / $2
  • Trading Volume $874,340
  • Market Cap Rank #499
  • Market Cap $32,635,908
  • Volume / Market Cap 0.0268
  • All-Time High $89 -98.28%
    Feb 24, 2018
  • All-Time Low $1 92.77%
    Jan 07, 2023

Elastos: Revolutionizing the Cryptocurrency Market


The world of digital currencies has witnessed significant advancements in recent years, and Elastos is one name that stands out in this ever-evolving market. Offering groundbreaking solutions for the decentralized internet, Elastos aims to redefine the way we interact and transact online. With its unique approach to blockchain technology, Elastos has garnered attention and is poised to transform the cryptocurrency landscape.

The Basics of Elastos

Elastos, abbreviated as ELA, is a cryptocurrency aiming to build a decentralized SmartWeb powered by blockchain. It seeks to create a secure ecosystem where users have full ownership and control over their digital identity and data. Elastos differentiates itself by combining blockchain technology with peer-to-peer networks, enabling users to connect and interact without intermediaries.

Key Features:

- Decentralized Applications (DApps): Elastos facilitates the creation of DApps that are immune to hacking and downtime. By utilizing sidechains, developers are able to build decentralized applications that operate independently from the main blockchain.
- Digital Identity and Rights Protection: Elastos offers a reliable system to safeguard digital identities and protect users' rights. Through this feature, users have control over their personal information and can grant or deny access to third parties.
- Internet of Things (IoT) Integration: Elastos has a vision to establish a secure network connecting various IoT devices. By incorporating blockchain, Elastos provides a foundation for seamless communication and data sharing, enhancing the capabilities of IoT devices.
- Token Economy: The ELA cryptocurrency plays a pivotal role within the Elastos ecosystem. It serves as both a medium of exchange and a representation of digital assets. ELA tokens are used to access DApps, pay for network resources, and act as a voting mechanism for community governance.

Implications and Future Potential

Elastos has the potential to revolutionize not only the cryptocurrency market but also the entire internet infrastructure. By creating a secure and reliable platform, Elastos aims to restore trust and facilitate a more transparent online environment. Its integration of blockchain with existing technologies opens up new possibilities for digital applications, especially in industries such as finance, healthcare, and entertainment.

In Conclusion

Elastos has emerged as a game-changer in the cryptocurrency space, offering solutions to some of the most pressing challenges faced in the digital world. With its unique approach to decentralization, digital identity protection, and integration with IoT, Elastos sets itself apart from other cryptocurrencies. As the world progresses towards a more decentralized future, Elastos is likely to play a significant role in shaping the internet landscape we operate within.