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Deri Protocol price

Deri Protocol Price (DERI)


Rank #1310

Deri Protocol Price Chart (DERI/USD)

Last updated 22 Jun 2022, 09:10AM UTC. Currency in USD.

# Exchange Pair Price Spread Volume(24h) Trust
1 Bitget DERI / USDT $0.02124777 0.75% $163,798
2 MEXC Global DERI / USDT $0.02592096 0.15% $45,592
3 LATOKEN DERI / USDT $0.03996602 1.37% $38,865
4 DERI / ETH $0.02589197 0.70% $16,218
5 DERI / USDT $0.03650087 0.49% $14,650
6 CoinEx DERI / USDT $0.02251308 0.19% $10,570
7 Decoin DERI / USDT $0.02158928 0.47% $63
8 DERI / USDT $0.02232311 3.65% $75,855
9 Hotbit DERI / USDT $0.01778207 8.85% $105,836

DERI Price Statistics

24H Range
  • Deri Protocol Price Now $0
  • 24h Low / 24h High $0 / $0
  • Trading Volume $29,225
  • Market Cap Rank #1305
  • Market Cap $3,016,121
  • Volume / Market Cap 0.0097
  • All-Time High $4 -99.39%
    Feb 12, 2021
  • All-Time Low $0 9.32%
    Jun 18, 2022

Deri Protocol: Revolutionizing the Crypto Trading Landscape


Deri Protocol has emerged as a groundbreaking cryptocurrency trading platform, disrupting the traditional market with its innovative features and unmatched scalability. Built on the sturdy foundation of decentralized finance (DeFi) principles, Deri Protocol strives to democratize derivatives trading, offering its users limitless opportunities to trade various assets efficiently and securely.

What is Deri Protocol?

Deri Protocol is a decentralized protocol that facilitates the trading of derivatives on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to create, trade, and settle various types of derivatives, such as futures, options, and perpetual swaps, with ease. By eliminating intermediaries, Deri Protocol minimizes counterparty risk, reduces trading fees, and enhances transparency, making it an ideal platform for traders seeking a seamless trading experience.


1. Leveraged Trading: Deri Protocol enables traders to utilize leverage to amplify their positions, potentially increasing their profits.

2. Decentralized Price Feed: Leveraging decentralized oracle systems, the protocol ensures accurate and reliable price feeds, eliminating any potential manipulations.

3. Perpetual Swaps: The platform supports the perpetual swapping of various assets, allowing users to enter into long or short positions without expiration dates.

4. Low Transaction Fees: Deri Protocol aims to bring down trading costs by reducing fees, significantly benefiting traders and encouraging participation.

5. Non-Custodial: Users maintain control over their assets throughout the entire trading process since Deri Protocol operates on a non-custodial model. This enhances security and eliminates the need to trust third-party platforms.

6. Permissionless: Deri Protocol allows anyone to participate in the trading ecosystem without any restrictions or requirements, promoting financial inclusivity.

Use Cases

Deri Protocol caters to a wide range of traders, providing them with numerous opportunities to diversify their portfolios. Here are a few use cases for the platform:

1. Speculative Trading: Traders can speculate on the future price movements of assets, taking advantage of leverage, and potentially earning higher returns.

2. Hedging: Investors can use derivatives to mitigate risks associated with their existing holdings, protecting themselves from adverse market conditions.

3. Arbitrage: Traders can take advantage of price discrepancies across different exchanges or markets, enabling them to profit from temporary imbalances.

4. Market Making: Individuals can engage in market making activities, providing liquidity to the Deri Protocol ecosystem and earning rewards in return.


Deri Protocol has emerged as a pioneer in the world of decentralized derivatives trading. By offering a secure, transparent, and efficient platform, Deri Protocol enables users to participate in a wide range of trading activities. Its unique features and decentralized nature make it an ideal choice for traders seeking flexible and powerful trading solutions. With Deri Protocol, the future of cryptocurrency trading looks promising, as it continues to revolutionize the market and empower individuals globally.