Coins: 10053 Exchanges: 946 Market Cap: $1,225,562,243,650 1.25% 24h Vol: $48,208,812,807.548 Dominance: BTC 46.65%, ETH 18.33%
Public Mint price

Public Mint Price (MINT)


Rank #1714

Public Mint Price Chart (MINT/USD)

Last updated 22 Jun 2022, 09:10AM UTC. Currency in USD.

# Exchange Pair Price Spread Volume(24h) Trust
1 Digifinex MINT / USDT $0.56078200 1.42% $114,371
2 Bittrex MINT / USDT $0.01412387 0.91% $171
3 Bittrex MINT / ETH $0.01414924 0.81% $167
4 LBank MINT / USDT $0.00000416 1.91% $419,673
5 Bitforex MINT / USDT $0.56567000 1.38% $106,003
6 MINT / USDT $0.00000318 0.60% $34,079
7 Bilaxy MINT / ETH $0.00744267 1.50% $23,675
8 MINT / USDT $0.00000369 2.13% $20,143
9 Unnamed MINT / LTC $0.00006997 38.46% $6
10 SouthXchange MINT / LTC $0.00003067 46.67% $5
11 SouthXchange MINT / BTC $0.00004232 50.00% $1
12 SouthXchange MINT / DASH $0.00002436 27.27% $0
13 Unnamed MINT / UTIP $0.00006997 39.39% $3

MINT Price Statistics

24H Range
  • Public Mint Price Now $0
  • 24h Low / 24h High $0 / $0
  • Trading Volume $7,047
  • Market Cap Rank #1708
  • Market Cap $1,361,686
  • Volume / Market Cap 0.0052
  • All-Time High $3 -99.61%
    Feb 26, 2021
  • All-Time Low $0 11.72%
    Jun 18, 2022

Mint Club cryptocurrency: A Comprehensive Overview


Mint Club is an innovative digital currency that has gained significant popularity in recent times. With its unique features and robust technology, it has become one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the global market. In this article, we will explore what makes Mint Club special and why investors and enthusiasts are showing immense interest in this digital asset.

What is Mint Club?

Mint Club is a decentralized cryptocurrency that operates on a peer-to-peer network, utilizing blockchain technology. It provides a secure and efficient platform for conducting digital transactions globally. Mint Club aims to revolutionize the traditional financial system by offering its users transparency, speed, and low transaction fees.

Key Features of Mint Club

Mint Club stands out from other cryptocurrencies due to its remarkable features, including:1. Security: Mint Club employs advanced cryptographic techniques, making it highly secure against hacking and fraud.
2. Anonymity: Transactions conducted through Mint Club provide users with a level of privacy, ensuring their personal information remains confidential.
3. Speed: The use of blockchain technology within Mint Club enables near-instantaneous transactions, eliminating the need for lengthy processing times.
4. Scalability: Mint Club has a flexible infrastructure that allows for seamless scaling, ensuring that the network can handle increased transaction volumes without any compromises.
5. Accessibility: Mint Club can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, making it a global currency without any geographical limitations.
6. Community Governance: Mint Club offers community-driven decision-making, giving users a voice in the development and future direction of the cryptocurrency.

Benefits of Mint Club

As an investor or user, there are numerous advantages to choosing Mint Club. Some of these benefits include:1. Profit Potential: Mint Club's growing popularity could result in a significant increase in its value, offering potential profits to investors.
2. Lower Transaction Fees: When compared to conventional banking systems, Mint Club boasts significantly lower transaction fees, enhancing cost-effectiveness for users.
3. Borderless Payments: With Mint Club, international transactions can be conducted seamlessly, removing the need for excessive paperwork and complicated currency conversions.
4. Secure Storage: Mint Club provides users with the option to store their digital assets in secure wallets, minimizing the risk of theft or loss.
5. Improved Financial Inclusion: Mint Club facilitates financial inclusion by giving access to financial services for those who are unbanked or underbanked.


Mint Club cryptocurrency presents a promising future within the digital financial landscape. With its emphasis on security, anonymity, scalability, and community governance, it has attracted a large and dedicated user base. As more individuals and businesses recognize the potential benefits of this innovative cryptocurrency, Mint Club is likely to continue its impressive growth trajectory. So, keep an eye on Mint Club as it paves the way for the future of decentralized digital transactions.