Coins: 10053 Exchanges: 946 Market Cap: $1,225,562,243,650 1.25% 24h Vol: $48,208,812,807.548 Dominance: BTC 46.65%, ETH 18.33%
Aion price

Aion Price (AION)


Rank #732

Aion Price Chart (AION/USD)

Last updated 16 Oct 2022, 16:53PM UTC. Currency in USD.

# Exchange Pair Price Spread Volume(24h) Trust
1 Binance AION / BTC $0.02683630 0.62% $170,311
2 Binance AION / USDT $0.02666045 0.15% $148,358
3 Bitrue AION / BTC $0.02682748 0.62% $103,555
4 Binance AION / ETH $0.03088336 0.79% $56,057
5 LATOKEN AION / USDT $0.01302731 1.07% $50,364
6 LATOKEN AION / BTC $0.03071541 0.86% $39,294
7 Pionex AION / USDT $0.01339768 0.76% $26,085
8 Bitrue AION / USDT $0.03990651 0.13% $11,655
9 KuCoin AION / BTC $0.02612346 0.64% $9,885
10 WazirX AION / USDT $0.03266777 0.45% $7,300
11 TokoCrypto AION / USDT $0.03661676 0.16% $3,933
12 KuCoin AION / ETH $0.02695322 0.89% $3,319
13 TokoCrypto AION / BTC $0.03144259 0.72% $656
14 Bitvavo AION / EUR $0.01894486 0.66% $608
15 LATOKEN AION / ETH $0.03920436 1.09% $80
16 Nami.Exchange AION / VNDC $0.02850816 1.32% $402,254
17 Nami.Exchange AION / USDT $0.02844427 0.71% $401,172

AION Price Statistics

24H Range
  • Aion Price Now $0
  • 24h Low / 24h High $0 / $0
  • Trading Volume $79,075,564
  • Market Cap Rank #487
  • Market Cap $36,486,250
  • Volume / Market Cap 2.1673
  • All-Time High $11 -99.37%
    Jan 09, 2018
  • All-Time Low $0 221.00%
    Jun 18, 2022

Aion Cryptocurrency: Bridging the GapCryptocurrencies have taken the financial world by storm, and one promising player in this rapidly evolving landscape is Aion. Aion aims to bridge the gap between different blockchain platforms, enabling secure and efficient communication and interaction between them. In this article, we will delve into the core features and potential of Aion cryptocurrency.Aion operates on a blockchain network powered by a unique protocol known as Aion-1. This protocol facilitates interoperability between various blockchains, giving users the ability to transfer data and value across different platforms seamlessly. It acts as a bridge, connecting disparate blockchain networks and allowing them to share resources and communicate effectively.At the heart of Aion's infrastructure lies the Aion Virtual Machine (AVM), a smart contract execution platform compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). AVM enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) on the Aion network, leveraging the existing Ethereum ecosystem. This compatibility provides a familiar environment for developers while expanding the capabilities of their applications.Aion incorporates a unique consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Intelligence (PoI). PoI combines delegated proof of stake (DPoS) and proof of work (PoW). This hybrid consensus model allows for efficient block generation and validation while maintaining decentralization. Miners and validators are selected based on their stake and computational abilities, ensuring a secure and reliable network.The Aion network also introduces a native digital asset called AION, serving various functions within the ecosystem. Users can earn AION tokens by participating in the network as validators, and they can also be used to pay for transaction fees and access specific network features. AION tokens act as the fuel that powers the Aion blockchain, incentivizing participants to contribute to its growth and stability.One of the driving philosophies behind Aion is its commitment to ensuring privacy and security for all network participants. By leveraging advanced encryption algorithms and zero-knowledge proofs, Aion enables private transactions and confidential data transfers on its blockchain. This feature makes Aion an attractive option for businesses and individuals seeking enhanced privacy and confidentiality.Looking ahead, Aion has several exciting projects in its pipeline. One of those is "Aion Fast Spot," a decentralized exchange (DEX) aimed at simplifying cryptocurrency trading. Aion Fast Spot will leverage the existing Aion protocol to enable fast, secure, and trustless trading of digital assets. This DEX has the potential to revolutionize the way traders interact with cryptocurrencies, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience.In conclusion, Aion cryptocurrency presents a compelling solution for interoperability between blockchain platforms. With its unique protocol, smart contract compatibility, hybrid consensus model, and emphasis on privacy, Aion aims to bridge the gap and unlock the full potential of blockchain technology. As the crypto industry continues to flourish, Aion's innovative approach positions it as a crucial player in shaping the future of decentralized systems.Sources:- Official Aion Website: Aion Whitepaper: