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Hummus price

Hummus Price (HUM)


Rank #5141

Hummus Price Chart (HUM/USD)

Last updated 15 Jun 2022, 20:37PM UTC. Currency in USD.

# Exchange Pair Price Spread Volume(24h) Trust
1 Upbit HUM / KRW $0.09488000 0.81% $4,801,672
2 FTX HUM / USD $0.11170000 2.67% $40,197
3 Upbit HUM / BTC $0.09298200 1.98% $14,354
4 HUM / USDT $0.17358300 49.54% $5,351
5 Coinone HUM / KRW $0.06909100 19.69% $409
6 GoPax HUM / KRW $0.15313100 62.40% $205

HUM Price Statistics

24H Range
  • Hummus Price Now $0
  • 24h Low / 24h High $0 / $0
  • Trading Volume $68
  • Market Cap Rank #0
  • Market Cap $0
  • Volume / Market Cap 0.0000
  • All-Time High $1 -98.39%
    Apr 19, 2022
  • All-Time Low $0 23.62%
    Jun 13, 2022

Hummus Cryptocurrency: Revolutionizing the Digital World


Cryptocurrencies have taken the financial world by storm, offering an alternative method of conducting transactions without the need for traditional centralized institutions. Among these innovative digital currencies is Hummus—a unique cryptocurrency that is making waves in the crypto space. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Hummus cryptocurrency and its potential to revolutionize the way we engage with digital transactions.

What is Hummus Cryptocurrency?

Hummus cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency that is built on blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and security of transactions. Inspired by the Middle Eastern staple, Hummus offers a decentralized network that allows individuals to store, exchange, and transfer value without the need for intermediaries. This innovative approach has gained widespread attention and is rapidly gaining popularity among crypto enthusiasts and investors.

Why Choose Hummus Cryptocurrency?

1. Decentralization: Hummus cryptocurrency operates on a decentralized network, meaning there is no single authority governing the currency. This ensures that transactions can be made directly between parties, eliminating the need for intermediaries such as banks or payment processors.
2. Security: Built on blockchain technology, Hummus offers enhanced security through encryption and distributed ledger systems. This makes it virtually impossible for hackers to manipulate transactions or compromise the integrity of the network.
3. Lower Transaction Fees: Traditional financial institutions often impose high fees for transactions. Hummus cryptocurrency enables users to transfer funds at significantly lower costs, making it an attractive option to both individuals and businesses.
4. Global Accessibility: Hummus is not bound by geographic limitations, allowing anyone with internet access to participate in transactions. This inclusivity opens up new opportunities for individuals in regions with limited access to traditional banking services.

The Future of Hummus Cryptocurrency

As Hummus cryptocurrency gains traction, its potential to revolutionize the digital world becomes increasingly evident. Its decentralized nature provides individuals with greater financial freedom and control over their transactions. With the backing of blockchain technology, Hummus ensures secure and efficient transactions, attracting more users and investors alike.
However, as with any emerging technology, there are challenges that need to be addressed. Scalability and regulatory compliance remain key areas of concern that need to be navigated as Hummus continues to forge its path in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape. Nevertheless, with its unique concept and growing community, Hummus cryptocurrency is poised for a promising future.
In conclusion, Hummus cryptocurrency offers a fresh approach to digital transactions. With its decentralized network, enhanced security measures, and lower transaction fees, Hummus has the potential to disrupt traditional financial systems. As it continues to gain popularity and overcome challenges, it is likely to shape the future of digital finance, making Hummus an exciting cryptocurrency to watch out for.